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frequently asked


How Does Property Styling with Home Creations work? 
By appointing Home Creations to create a styling package for your home, you are engaging professional stylists who are knowledgeable and experienced in Real Estate and comprehend how to draw out a property’s full potential. Trust is placed on the stylists to decorate your home with quality furnishings that will assist your property to reach its optimum selling price. It is important to note that in order for the staging process to flow smoothly, we need to use available stock based on your properties features, so, unfortunately, we do not offer pictures of furniture prior to installation.


How much does property styling cost? 
Price is determined on property size/amount of living spaces. It’s all about return on your investment. On average sale prices of properties styled by Home Creations significantly outperform the vendor reserve. Styled properties typically sell 10% higher than comparable un-styled properties. Prices can vary depending on properties requirements. 


How long is an average hire campaign? 
4 weeks with an extra two weeks gratis if required.


How does Home Creations choose furniture for a property? 
We own all of our furniture, which gives us full quality and aesthetic control over our stock. We create on availability from our large collection of furniture, artwork and props, to bring together a unified design that best suits the market, the individual features of the space and the potential buyer.

Can I select specific pieces for my property? 
As we are professional stylists at Home Creations we request that the trust is placed on our knowledge of the market, current trends and your potential buyers and allow us to take care of the relevant selection of all furniture and styling items.


Can I hire just a few pieces?
While we are not a furniture hire company, but a styling company we can on occasion do a partial furnish. But ultimately we specialize in presenting empty properties for sale as we believe that adds the most value to the end result.


What are the payment terms? 
Full amount is due upfront prior to installation, so as to ensure our insurance terms are covered.


Are you insured? 
We have full insurance for all of our furniture for the entirety of your campaign. In case of damage or theft of furniture, we will ask clients for a $500 fee to cover the insurance excess.

How long before I sell my property should I engage Home Creations? 
We would recommend at least 1-2 weeks between quoting and installation time. 


Where do you service? 
Our warehouse is based in Blackburn so currently we service within a 45-50 minute radius.  But there are always exceptions to the rule.




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