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When selling your home, create the maximum impact on potential buyers & leave them with a lasting impression. A vacant new development or tired furniture in an existing home makes it difficult for a buyer to visualise their furniture fitting in and imagine themselves enjoying their new home.

Our experienced team will manage the selection, delivery and set up the appropriate furnishings.

We also offer an extensive range of homeware and decorator pieces, from contemporary to a more traditional style.


By using your existing furniture, we are able to make suggestions about de-cluttering, furniture placement, maximising space and how to add final touches to enhance the overall presentation and create a more valuable product to potential buyers. This service involves a checklist of suggestions made.

tips & tricks

Are you thinking about making some cosmetic changes to your home before putting it on to the market? Home Creations can help you with any tips and tricks from picking the right paint colour or even just wanting to change some doorknobs. We are here to help you with this process. 


With a wide variety of furniture, we design and create the perfect look to showcase your display homes at their best and ultimately impress prospective buyers.  

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